NPO EDGE (Japan Dyslexia Society) is a Certified Non-Profit Organization registered in Tokyo.
Established in October 2001, registered as Certified NPO by Tokyo Metropolitan Government as of September 2017
Chairperson: Eiko Todo
Office: Minato

EDGE stands for:

Hoping that people on the edge will have the edge over others

  • E=Extraordinary (it is great to be different)
  • D=Dyslexic (obviously we have difficulties in reading and writing)
  • G=Gifted (Everybody is born with a gift and it is our duty to let every single human being flourish their gift)
  • E=Eclectic (Meaning selective: the incidence of having dyslexia is approximately 10% in any language, race or nationality. The fact that we exist we have a role to play in the society)

The word EDGE has several meanings and people with dyslexia has all:

  • the outer or furthest point of something:
  • a point beyond which something unpleasant or very noticeable is likely to happen:
  • an advantage over other people

Our Mission

Realize a society where people with dyslexia can live lively
To fulfill the mission, we are:
Working with network of researchers, policy makers, educational field, media to raise awareness of the society
Empowering people with dyslexia and the families
Training people who can support people with dyslexia
Networking with people with dyslexia and supporters

Dispatching information: Mail magazine, newsletter, SNS (FB, twitter, Instagram)
Organizing lectures, workshops
Organizing events: APDF (Asia Pacific Dyslexia Festival and Forum 2016-2021)
Dispatching lecturers (English available Pseudo experience of LD, understanding dyslexia and how to support them)

Training those who can help and support people with reading and writing difficulties
LSA (Learning support assistant) basic course (e-learning) and advanced course (Online)
Supporting children with reading and writing difficulties(e-learning)

Networking of people with dyslexia, supporters, families, teachers, industries and others are important for people with dyslexia to gain self-confidence and maximize their potential abilities.

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