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Thank you for many participations in this event.

Asia Pacific Dyslexia Forum 2020 (held in 2021)

8th & 9th May 2021 9 to 18
Online: Live broadcast, Archive (for one week)
Place: Okayama Convention Center
Participation in person at the venue capacity: 350
Online participation capacity: unlimited
Entry fee
At the venue ¥6000, students 18+ ¥3000, under 17 free
Online: ¥6000
Start on 6th March, 2021
Japanese/English (Simultaneous interpretation or subtitle)
APDF2020 Executive Committee(Chairperson Ms Eiko Todo / Vice Chairperson Prof. Akira Uno PhD)


Heikki Luyytinen(UNESCO Chair)「Inclusive Literacy to All」※1
Catherine MacBride (Hong Kong University)「Work Through and Work Around: Best Approaches to Helping Children with Dyslexia」※1
Keynote Speach: Eiji Wakamiya「Basics ofDevelopmental Dyslexia」
Symposium1Chair:Norimune Kawai「Reasonable accommodation Using ICT in Regular Classrooms」
Symposium 2-1 Chair : Akira Uno, Hisako Ando 「Early detection and Intervention:System Building 」
Symposium 2-2 Chair :Akira Uno, Hisako Ando「Improvement of Expertise: Teacher Training」
Symposium 3 Chair :Nobutaka Matsumura「2E(twice-exceptional) Education and Dyslexia:Shedding Light on Dyslexic Advantage」
Symposium 4 Chair :Toshihiko Abe「Inclusive Education and Dyslexia」
Round Up Chair:Eiko Todo「ESD and Inclusive Education in Asia Pacific」
Okayama Project1  Chair:Miki Yuzawa「Education in Okayama from the Past to the Future」
Okayama Project 2  Chair:Takayuki Tanji「Practices and Cooperation with Medical Care, Education and Welfare in Okayama」

※1 on Archive

Most of the programs are available at the venue, online and archives expect for the following:

On Archive only
  • Lectures
    Heikki Lyytinen Inclusive Literacy to All
    Catherine McBride Work Through and Work Around: Best Approaches to Helping Children with Dyslexia
  • Message
    Future of Dyslexia in Asia Pacific from many AP countries
  • Digital exhibition of DX talents
  • Poster sessions

At the venue only
Experiencing Booths: Youreyes (text to speech program), colored sheets, ELC (Easy literacy check), BEAM (Audio textbooks), ICT (Parents association), TRPG with workshops